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Jaco Blom Biokineticist is an independent practice that brings new meaning to exercise, helping people reach higher and achieve more.

What is meant by a "new meaning to exercise"?

Jaco Blom Biokineticist started in January 2019, in Cape Town, CBD, with the belief that scientifically-based exercise is the way to help people embrace a healthier lifestyle, a lifestyle that is not only for a specific population of people, but a lifestyle that is for all of us. We felt strongly about this but weren’t yet sure how to impact the most people. Rather than confining himself to established industries such as health care, corporate wellness, and sports performance, we were interested in putting people in the best position to take control of their health so they can succeed at anything.

That’s why Jaco Blom Biokineticist combined general personal training with his profession as registered HPCSA Biokineticist and Accredited Exercise Is Medicine (SA) Health Professional to establish a new way of training, a training that makes personal health the priority. A vision that states: Exercise is Medicine. 

Jaco Blom Biokineticist is an independant practice that cares about your health, so that you can reach your ultimate performance level. 

It does not matter what you do in life, from teacher to professional sport star, we want to help you improve in every aspect of health. 

 Performance is about achieving what matters to you, and that’s what matters to us.

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Jaco Blom Biokineticist focuses on behavioral change, to ensure an adaptation to a better lifestyle. 

We help to challenge our clients to not only focus on short term goals, but also on long term results. We pride ourselves in providing professional, up-to-date training sessions, with relevant resources.  

Why Jaco Blom Biokineticist?

We are focused on the health of the individual. From starting point to achieving goals, we focus on the best ways to help the people training with us, to reach their goals. 

We use a combination of general conditioning, functional training and advanced health advancement techniques to ensure lasting results. 


Owner of Jaco Blom Biokineticist

Jaco Blom is the owner of Jaco Blom Biokineticist

Jaco is educated in all spheres of fitness and rehabilitation and is currently finishing his accreditation in Sport Science. 

His main passion in life is to inspire others to live an optimal high performance lifestyle, by helping them in the area of health, energy and goal orientation. 


B.A. Human Movement Science 

B.A Honnours in Biokinetics

Accredited Exercise is Medicine (SA) Health Professional

Level 6 Personal Trainer at Virgin Active

Jaco has been practicing for 6 years.