Who do I contact if none of the below Questions Answer my Question?

Email us at: info@balancedlife.com

Can The Online Program be done at home?

Yes it can, At Minimum for females you will need dumbbells up to 25’s, a bench and cardio, For Men you will need dumbbells up to 60’s a bench and cardio

Can the Online Program be done at a gym?

Yes it can, A full gym will allow more variety with workouts!!

When do I have to Start my plan?

You can start when you are ready!!

How Long Does it Take Until I receive my Plan?

Once we get all your info back including before pics we will begin making your plan. It typically takes us 2-3 days to make a plan unless we are traveling then it takes a max of 7-8 days.

What does the Meal plan Look Like?

We make the nutrition plan based off your starting point and overall goals. Your plan will tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it to eat. We believe in balanced nutrition. You will get Lean Proteins, Complex Carbs and Healthy Fats.

Do I get to work with Jaco Personally?

Yes, all the personal support will be from Jaco. That’s one of the reasons we are different and better then any other internet personal training system out there. We personally guide you to success!!! Its your responsibility to write us weekly with your updates and any questions you may have.

Do we give out Sample Diets or Sample Workouts?

No. We do everything custom targeted around helping the client get to their specific goals.  So we do not have samples

How Expensive will the food be?

Food expenses actually go down because you will not be eating out, the only meal plan that will be a bit more expensive is the Build Muscle and Get Big Get Ripped because you will be eating more food and more frequently

How expensive will be Supplements be?

Supplements are optional and vary from client to client depending on needs

Can I still Drink Alcohol on this plan?

You can but its not something we would advise because it will slow down your results tremendously.  We are trying to help you learn a healthy positive lifestyle so cutting out the drinking would be a huge positive

How many Hours Per week will you have to workout?

Everything will depend on your goals but with weight loss most clients are looking at 8-12 hours weekly with cardio and weights, build muscle you’re looking at 6-10 hours

What is the difference between the 12 week and the 16 week programs.

All of the programs are catered to your needs, so the difference between them is really just based on what your personal goals are! If you looking for general fat and weight loss and have no more than 18 kg to lose, then the general 12 week weight loss program will work for you. If you have larger than 18 kg to lose then the 16 week weight loss program is for you.


If you are already in fairly good condition but want to take your fitness to another level and achieve the look of a bikini or fitness model, then select one of those program options. Again the time that you need for your program is dependent on how much you need to lose to achieve your goal. You can write to us if you are unsure. The Muscle Building programs are for men or women who are looking to put weight and muscle on.

Whats the Difference Between the Bikini Model Program and the Fitness Model Program?

Fitness model is a slightly more challenging program and is geared for the girl that carries more muscle. For fitness model 12 week you need to start no higher then 22% body fat and 16 week 25% or less if you are wanting a end result of a very lean body. You can do this program if your higher body fat then this but you will have to go longer to get the results you desire. Bikini Model Program is geared for the girl that has slightly less muscle and is just wanting to tone up. You will not get as lean as a fitness model but will still get good toned results

Does Online Personal Training Work?

Yes, Yes and Yes!! The reason it works is because we teach you all of the keys to healthy, maintainable and long term weight loss. We are NOT about quick fixes, we are about teaching you the skills that you need in order to achieve your ideal physique and maintain it for the rest of your life! Because we teach you how to eat balanced and effectively for either fat loss or muscle building, teach you how to strength train, and teach you how to do “transformation” cardio, our system doesn’t just work for the short term, it works for life.

Do we just make Nutrition Plans?

No, we only make full plans for people, its essential that we have total control of the program this ensures we get you to your goal.

How does the Online Coaching Work?

Jaco is there to answer any questions you may have throughout your transformation. Weekly its the clients responsibility to write in and send updates. This is a tool that we encourage every client to use to remain accountable.

I just signed up what is the next step?

After signing up the client will be sent an email and will be asked to get us their before pics. Once we get all your info then we can start making your program.


Can I add some of my favorite foods into my diet?

If something is not listed on your diet then 99% of the time you cannot have it. Contact us if you would like to know.

Where do i get my Bodyfat Checked?

Your local gym will be able to do this, if you do not have a local gym then you can get an estimate with the Balanced Life.Com's body fat calculator.

How do i know if I will do good with this plan?

If you are the type of person that can follow a plan and you are 100% ready for change then you will do amazing!! If you need someone next to you then you will need 1 on 1 training, Contact us if you are in the Potchefstroom area and are interested.

Does Online Training mean I get to work with a Trainer in Person?

No. if you sign up as a online client then all communication will be done via our app, you will not be working with a trainer 1 on 1 in person. Training in Person is 60 min per session and you can contact us if you feel this approach would be more effective for you!!

If I am local can I come in for a consult?

If you are wanting 1 on 1 training then yes, for online we do not do in person consults. To set up a consult for 1 on 1 training with Jaco Blom personal trainer, you can booked online for your sessions.

Do we ever meet with a Trainer in Person if we are a Online Client?

No, Online training will be done on your own and through our app with Jaco. At the end of your transformation if you choose to do after pics and be featured then you will meet with Jaco.

I want to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time, which program should I do?

Its not possible to get bigger and lose fat at the same time, the diets are different and the workouts and cardio are different. We have a plan called the Get Big Get Ripped that is geared to get you bigger and more ripped, you will get a plan to get bigger and a plan to lose fat

I want to build muscle where should my starting body fat be?

Its important to be lean first before bulking, if you do it when you have too much fat it will be much easier for your body to gain fat, so for guys be 12-14% body fat or less before starting, for women 16%-18% body fat or less

I just had a baby, when can I start and is it okay that I am nursing?

6-8 weeks after having your baby is when we like to start with mothers. Yes it is okay that your nursing just make sure to let us know that

Can I do Online Balanced Life.Com if I am a diabetic? Type 1 or type 2?

I have quite a bit of experience with diabetics of both types. If you are type 2, it is likely that your diabetes will go away once you control your diet and lose the extra weight your body is carrying. If you are type 1, that is no a problem either. I have trained many diabetics over the years with the same results as everybody else.

Can I see results even if I am in my 40’s, 50’s or older?

I have not had any problem with clients of any age. There may be issues of getting back into the practice of working out if you have not exercised for awhile but we can address that. There is no reason that a man or women who is 45 or 55 cannot get the same type of results. Your body composition may be different as you age and you will not look like a 22 year old at 52 but in relation to your current body and everybody else your age – you will be a superstar.

Will this work for Hardgainers?

Yes, the workouts and diets will be custom to your overall goals. I am a hardgainer so I understand how frustrating it can be to put weight (muscle) on. I teach you all the ways of building muscle.

Does Online Balanced Life.Com only work for Men?

Balanced Life.Com is for everyone!!! Great for Men, Women and even teenagers. Regardless if you need to lose weight, tone up or gain weight and add muscle here at Balanced Life.Com we can HELP!!! Most importantly I help you become happy again both physically and mentally.

Are there refunds?

There is a no refund policy, we want you to succeed in this having a refund will give you the option of quitting. The system is very effective to those willing to make the changes and who work hard. You must be ready for change , be honest with yourself and take control of your choices!!!

Why does Balanced Life.Com not give Refunds?

What you get with Balanced Life.Com is Intellectual Property and Time. Its a custom made program designed by Jaco. There is no way to return the program because its a electronic item sent via email. Its not an tangible item that you can return in the mail like a book or dvd. The clients that contact Balanced Life.Com in advance will always be told to be 100% ready to transform before buying. If you are not ready then wait until your fully ready to commit

Do I have to Take before Pics?

Yes, There is no way of us to be able to see what your body looks like without them. We cannot make a plan without them. No before pics will be released until the very end with the full transformation